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Do you have any questions about MYBOX services? Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions. We will also be pleased to answer your questions on +41 (0)844 33 22 11 or at

What is self-storage?

Self-storage means moving your property in and out of storage on your own. This service is suitable for both private individuals and companies that look for a safe and flexible way of storing their property.

For instance, a self-storage warehouse provides a temporary solution if you need to store your furniture while you are moving to another place or going to stay abroad, or as a long-term basement or cellar replacement.

How much space do I need?

The storage calculator will help you estimate your potential storage needs. To determine the optimal storage box size, you can rely on our personal assistance. Go to the volume calculator

How safe are the storage boxes?

The MYBOX storage boxes are made from very robust, tamper-free steel. Each box is furnished with a privacy screen that protects it from prying eyes.

Your storage box is fitted with a padlock or cylinder lock. You are the only one who has the key to your storage box.

The warehouse can be accessed using your personal pin code or badge. Thus it is easy to find out who and when stayed in the storage facility.

The MYBOX storage space, corridors and access areas are monitored by CCTV cameras. Data recorded by the cameras are held for a maximum of one year.

Are the storage boxes dry?

The MYBOX warehouses are dry and have optimal storage conditions. During wintertime the storage boxes are partially heated, with their air humidity values being constantly monitored.

May I preview the storage boxes?

Feel free to inspect our storage boxes beforehand in order to get an idea of how they look like. By prior appointment we can show you storage boxes differing in volume and footprint sizes as well as situated in various locations.

Can I use MYBOX to store my files?

With MYBOX, your business files are securely stored. For your archiving needs, we can provide you with appropriate shelving systems. Please contact us directly so that we could show you how you can set up your archive.

What is the shortest lease term?

No minimum lease terms apply. What we charge, however, is at least one-month’s rent.

For what period am I charged if I empty the storage box within one month?

The first month’s rent is calculated per day, each subsequent month on a monthly basis. For example, if you move in on 10 May, you will pay, instead of 31 days, only for 22 days of May.

Are there any other costs apart from the rent to pay?

With MYBOX, you only pay the rent. There are no extra costs or value added tax. In Regensdorf, we require a depot of 35 Swiss francs for the badge, and in Bern Ittigen, a depot of 50 Swiss francs for the set of keys. Where applicable, you can use us to take out insurance against natural hazards.

Does MYBOX use any discount system?

Long-term tenants benefit from our discount system:
5% off if you pay for six months in advance.
In case of early termination, the rent surplus less the discount is refunded to you.
More time-restricted promotions can be found in the News section.

Do I have to pay any deposit?

If your credit rating is good, you do not need to pay any deposit.

Does MYBOX also offer a removals service?

No. We do not provide any removals services, but we can refer you to a reliable moving partner.

Do I have to insure my stored property?

Your property has to be insured against natural hazards such as fire, water damage and theft.
Most of our customers already hold contents or business third-party liability insurance that covers their stored property. In such a case you have to notify your insurer that your property has been moved to a new location. Thus you can be sure that your property remains covered by the insurance policy you have.
If you still need insurance, you can use us to take out one on your behalf. The monthly premium is one Swiss franc per 1,000 Swiss francs of the insured sum. The minimum insured sum is 3,000 Swiss francs.

How quickly can I start using a storage box?

In most locations your storage box is made available to you within one to three working days. By using the Book now feature,  you can select and book a storage box online right away. You can also contact us quickly via an inquiry form or a chat function on our website. Of course, we would also be more than happy if you could call us. Next we e-mail you a lease contract and the corresponding invoice. As soon as we receive the signed lease contract, a copy of your identity document and payment, we send you the access data by e-mail or by post.

What handling infrastructure is available to me?

For easy handling of your property when moving it in or out of storage, there are goods lifts and sufficient rolling equipment, which you can use free of charge.
Most of our locations are furnished with dock levellers for hassle-free loading and unloading of transport vehicles, ranging from small cars to large lorries. The MYBOX Zürich Ost facility has ground-level access.

When can I access my storage box?

With your personal pin code or badge, you can access your storage box round the clock, all year long. An exception is MYBOX XL GmbH’s storage facility.
Please bear in mind that you have to follow statutory rest times when loading or unloading your property.

Can I switch to a smaller or larger storage box if needed?

You can switch storage boxes any time. Any excessive rent you have paid will be set off against the price of the new storage box.

Can more persons have access independently from each other?

Upon request, you can receive several pin codes, badges or keys.

What am I not allowed to keep in my storage box?

You must not store the following:
All goods that might adversely affect the environment or are illegal to have.

Perishable, odour emitting, poisonous, hazardous, highly flammable, explosive, corrosive and easily evaporating objects.

In addition, you must not keep in the storage box any living or dead animals, ammunition or anything that requires special storage conditions.

Does any period of notice apply?

There is no period of notice, and you can terminate your lease at any time without any prior notice whatsoever. You are obliged to let us know about the termination by post or e-mail at the latest on the day of clearing your storage box.

I have received a badge for Regensdorf and a set of keys for Bern Ittigen – What should I do with them after I take my property from the storage box?

Please return the badge to our administration office:

MYBOX Administration
Kronenweg 12
8127 Forch.

We would be grateful if you could properly pack the badge (in bubble wrap or between two carton halves) so that it is not lost while transported by post.

Please provide us with your bank account details so that we could refund you the badge or key set deposit.

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